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12-09-2019 - Information by BSE (Information to BSEs shareholders)

With reference to the invitation to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE or the Exchange), scheduled for 17 September 2019 (Tuesday) at 10:00 a.m., BSE hereby notifies its shareholders that the registration for participation in the General Meeting (the GMS) of the Exchange in the EPOS platform of the Central Depository has been activated. Shareholders of the company may register for participation in the GMS using a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Identification Services Act no later than 10:00 a.m. on 17 September 2019. The persons entitled to vote at the GMS were determined as at 03 September 2019. The EPOS system enables the shareholders to:
- watch the General Meeting in real time;
- vote remotely by filling in the relevant electronic forms when voting on the respective item is open;
- vote on the agenda by recording their vote by the end of the day preceding the day of the GMS, namely up to and 16 September 2019, at the latest
- authorise a third person who has a QES to vote on their behalf
Detailed instructions for working with the EPOS platform are published on the Central Depository website.
The electronic signatures of the shareholders - natural persons are automatically registered in the platform. The electronic signatures of the shareholders - legal entities are registered after an application for registration and approval by a BSE employee.
The registration for participation in the GMS by electronic means of persons representing a legal entity will be approved by the Exchange under the following conditions:
Legal representation:
- If the applicant represents the shareholder - a legal entity solely.
- If the applicant represents the shareholder - a legal entity jointly and the Exchange obtains empowerment of the applicant to vote on behalf of the rest of the representatives.
Proxy representation:
- If the applicant is not a legal representative of the shareholder - a legal entity, then empowerment by the legal representatives of the shareholder for voting by proxy at the GMS should be submitted to the Exchange.
The proxy voting form is approved by a decision of the Board of Directors of Bulgarian Stock Exchange and is available in the GMS materials posted on X3News website as well as on the BSE website.
Information on participation in the GMS by electronic means can be found in the GMS invitation.