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17-09-2019 - Information by BSE (Information by BSE)

Sofia, 17 September 2019 The Extraordinary General Meeting of Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) approved Assoc. Prof. Manyu Moravenov, Ph.D to become a Board member of the institution.
The Board of Directors on its part decided to appoint Assoc. Prof. Manyu Moravenov, Ph.D. executive director of BSE. The new CEO is yet to be approved by the Financial Supervision Commission and entered in the Commercial Register.
The BSE Board expressed gratitude for the outstanding contribution of the former CEO, Mr Ivan Takev, who left the institution after an 18-year career in it. Among his achievements is the promotion of BSE as a technologically advanced European stock exchange through the transition to Deutsche Borse's Xetra electronic trading system and the migration this year to its newest T7 trading technology, the design and implementation of X3 News specialised platform for regulated information disclosure as well as the acquisition of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX).
Mr Takev has played a key role in introducing corporate governance best practices through his active work in the Council for Bulgarian Capital Market Development and the National Corporate Governance Committee. He has great merit for the international positioning of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.
The Board of Directors wished Ivan Takev many more successes in his future professional career.