BSE-Sofia offers a wide range of information services and products.

Products and Services

BSE-Sofia offers a wide range of RSS information services mainly developed to satisfy the needs of†its corporate clients,†such as†data-vendors, investment intermediaries and issuers, for market data on all financial instruments, admitted to trading on the regulated market,†and on the official BSE indices - SOFIX, BGBX40, BG TR30 and BG REIT. Except for the RSS data feed, the Exchange publishes on a regular basis†its daily and†monthly bulletins†- both in Bulgarian and English.

BSE-Sofia, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Financial Market Service Ltd,†has†developed†the X3 News media to grant opportunity to†all public companies and†other issuers of securities to meet their legal obligations for information disclosure. X3 News guarantees the non-discriminative manner of†data dissemination and ensures simultaneous release of the news to†the widest possible range of end users. The product ensures safety of connection and data transmission, eliminates the risk of data losses, does not allow unauthorized access and guarantees the origin of the†regulated information.

The financial analyses application named X3Analyses is developed and operated by Balkan Services Ltd. and Financial Market Service Ltd. X3Analyses provides high-quality financial analytics and analysis tools to carry out reliable and accurate business valuation, screening and benchmarking on the†Exchange trading. X3Analyses helps investors by simplifying the company analysis into an easy†and quick task.